Hip-Hop Isn’t Dead-But It’s Dying-Here’s 10 Reasons Why


1. Everyone Wants to be a gangsta

There was all kinds of all MCs rhyming about all elements of everyday life. Hip-Hop was interesting. Hip-Hip used to be societal mindful. Hip hop used to governmental and militant. Hip-Hop used to be sexy and grown before Jay-Z made the phrase hot for his own track,”pardon me skip”.

Hip-Hop has ever been

. Many credit Schoolly D making the first Gangsta rap album,”P.S.K.” ice t came outside using”6 in the morning”. Boogie Down Productions released”Criminal Minded”. And how could anyone fail to mention”the most damaging set”, N.W.A. as well as also their infamous classic record,”Straight Outta Compton”.

What I am saying is the fact that Gangsta rap isn’t fresh and a lot of the so called gangsta rap functions now all seem exactly the same (no matter where they truly are from) and so aren’t quite as cutting and good edge as the leaders of this sub-genre in hip hop.

Bottomline: Hip-Hop should diversify by visiting the true tradition of telling tales which signify quite a few perspectives and maybe not just the exact ol’precisely the sam e ol’,”shoot match upward, bang, bang” mentality and way of life.

2. Hip Hop is driven more by commercial success compared to ethnic integrity

Hip hop isn’t any longer a culture, it is really a company. However, the reality is hip hop is indeed a civilization which was commercialized, therefore, compromised. Company America, whether you are talking about corporate-owned document labels, labels or cable channels, come in complete command of Hip-Hop hip hop artist promotion packages.

Hip-Hop is enormous company and is earning a great deal of folks a lot of dollars. But how many of the people make money from hip hop are now authentic into the preservation of their culture? And the number of the proceeds happen to be recycled back in all around the globe that lent delivery, raised and compliments the culture as a parent?

Bottom line: hip hop, because of civilization, needs to be resurrected and moved forward in using an affect the world socially, politically, religiously, economically and maybe not merely exploited to create greedy opportunists abundant.


I’d like to start out by saying that there is just a large difference among”beef” and”combating”. Beef is what the results are in the streets and even in the boardroom. Battling is competition; what happens in sports such as and naturally hip hop music. Battling is your basis of MC’ing.

Battling separates the thorough MCs from Your”Sucker MCs”. You’ve got been legendary”battles” throughout Hip Hop background; Krs One & BDP vs. MC Shan & The Juice Crew, L.L. Cool J vs. Kool Moe Dee to mention a coupleof

But meat is just another entire can of”phrases”. Steak could (and has) pass on outside of records and on the roads. Steak, genuine beef, is more than words. Beef can be risky and should be taken seriously. Steak is hazardous to Hip-Hop since it hurts that the culture’s validity and interrupts its true purpose. Hip hop because of rap and culture as a form of songs was not based on”fatty discuss” and violence.

Bottomline: Beef may garner a few advertisements and also some times, tragically assert lives however, it does nothing to up lift Hip-Hop culture and also the communities it symbolizes.

4. The most Well-known MCs are most often the most overrated

You can ask today’s typical enthusiast to list their 10 favorite MC’s and also at half of the ones they name are average at best or downright wack. Even the MCs who get the most attention in tv, television and print are frequently perhaps not MCs at all; they’re rappers, or I suppose you can declare, entertainers that rap. Your favourite rapper can have a hit song becoming one hundred’s of spins daily to radio stations but doesn’t of necessity indicate that he / she’s a true MC.

Many rap tracks performed over the radio are the weakest lyrically. The majority of the elements of hip hop are completely absent from the music videos that function as a visual for those music genre. All these entertainers benefit from a range of factors which set them in the forefront of hip hop. But often lyrical prowess is not only one of these factors. Meanwhile a number of those best MCs that have mastered the art of MC’ing (see #9) receive little to no marketing against corporate America along with their excellent skills are all heard and observed by couple.

Bottom-line: Authentic MCs who are in the match to your love of this will be visible along with the more popular MCs who dominate both the charts along with grace the covers of novels should obstacle themselves and be challenged to measure their rhyme match up.

5. Hip Hop journalism needs to step up their game

I am a writer. I climbed up with an avid reader of Hip-Hop themed publications. That has been some moment once I totally enjoyed reading those books waiting patiently for the newest issues hitting on the newsstand or be shipped within my own mailbox.

But the last 5 years or sothe”Hip-Hop media” has allowed the culture down. By way of instance, the two biggest & most successful magazines (I won’t name these days. You know…) in my estimation have perpetuated, instigated and led to compelling on-going beefs involving rap crews. Along with these books themselves also have participated in continuing beefs amongst eachother!

It will not take place in different publications unless you’re talking about the tabloids. And even when it will happen within just other books, the effects are not as damaging to the general wellbeing of the”profiles” showcased on their pages or even the readers of their publications.

The Hip-Hop press comes with a responsibility to the civilization it insures. It should challenge the culture while celebrating it. Even the hiphop press should not lessen their journalistic requirements or”dumb down” only to sell magazines. I would like to say , however a number of the best pieces I’ve read about hip hop come come in mainstream books which have no authority to talk about topics of Hip-Hop.

Bottom line: Sometimes, the Hip-Hop media comes round cartoon-ish and also for lots of us who climbed up from Hip-Hop, we expect and deserve better. Younger generation of Hip-Hop desperately need better (even if they don’t get it). You can find fantastic authors inside our society however we all must demonstrate Hip-Hop in a glowing mild while still being intention. The hiphop media comes with a credibility issue (and that I ai not talking about street cred).

6. Radio & TV has to measure up their game

Radio and television programming when it relates to hip hop is wack. The most common hip hop series on TV (You know what I’m discussing ) may be the wackest. And it is not because of the hosts or perhaps the young, ill advised viewer. The attribute could be dispersed across the board in between your producers and the corporate businesses that are liable for putting the show on the air.

Idon’t want to select on a single definite tv show. The purpose is that radio and television do a dreadful job of the way that they present Hip-Hop culture to the masses. And, honestly, advertisers don’t treatment; they all need are the eyeballs to anything they’re doing.

Important thing: Radio & Television should create additional programming and formats that celebrate all the elements of hip hop to ensure the more eyes and ears will probably see and hear how the various faces and noises of both hip hop and maybe not just the often unfavorable stereotypical stuff.

7. Younger generation does not know or acknowledge the pioneers of this game

When I was a teenager, I loved Big Daddy Kane however I loved and appreciated the soulful sounds of Marvin Gaye. I had been a student of music, yet fairly knowledgeable about history and not only wrapped up on the latest tune on radio stations. Many of my friends were all the very same manner.

About Nas’ new record,”hip hop is Dead”, among my favorite tunes is”Carry on Tradition” where Nas challenges,”Let’s find out who could estimate a Daddy Kane lineup that the fastest.” Younger generation should be informed concerning hip hop pre-2004. I really like fire-spittin’, Lil’ Wayne, or so the charismatic, T.I., however there is been quite a bit of Hip-Hop previous to the brand new school or next school of Hip Hoppers.

I’ve always stated that the pioneers of the game do not get the suitable platform that they deserve. That is why I like VH1’s Hip-Hop Honors. It isn’t exactly the best way to pay tribute into this MCs of their past however the manufacturers are trying.

Main point here: The pioneers of this match paved the means for those MCs that you observe today. The MCs of now, television, radio, printing and just the normal Hip-Hopper in the street needs to spend homage to the legends. The culture includes a history which history would be the base from the ongoing future of hip hop should be built upon.

8. Stay performances are loud, crowded and wack

You may possibly be described as a hard-core Hip-Hop fan however, you are going to have to acknowledge the are living hiphop operation is awful. It hasn’t ever been in this way. As a matter of reality, in its own short history, hip hop is known for its operation component. You’ve been amazing actors within Hip-Hop and also several of the performances have been witnessed in the park until they reached the Grammy stage.

Nowadays, MCs just don’t have a clue of exactly what it really takes to satisfy a viewer. There’s really much wrong using hip hop performances now. The audio is overly loud. There are a lot of people on platform. MCs are too trendy or too challenging to dancing or simply groove with your musicgenre. The stage show just deficiency true enthusiasm and imagination. Usually that which you have can be a bunch of guys on stage as if they truly are looking at a street corner. Is the best they can come up with? I think not.

Bottom-line: MCs haven’t shown genuine hiphop heads nothing if they can’t put to a good display. MCs expend a great deal of time around the trail bringing their songs into those but they need to pay time working on their performance whenever they hit the point.

9. “Actual” MC’ing is a lost artwork

When I had to produce some percentage, I’d say that just about 25% of MCs now can in fact rhyme. A few possess almost no skill at all. The MCing part within Hip-Hop is the most celebrated however, the cheapest analyzed. I love beats and that I get hooked onto a tricky hook, however, straight back in your day, when I heard a record, I zeroed in on the MC. When they couldn’t mind, my ears closed fast.

Too many tracks are chorus/hook and basically nothing else. The MC is the voice of this civilization. What exactly is stated and how it’s stated is critical. A MC will be able to pronounce his or her message professionally and clearly. A real MC would not compromise their lyrical prowess to earn a success record. Jay-Z,” by way of example, has generated many hits and yet he rarely disappoints lyrically. Biggie was like this well.

Bottom-line: MCs of now needs to examine the MCs of their past and also the excellent ones that are still doing their thing. All these MCs would be the authentic masters of word play.

10. The women have been refused the possibility to excel and keep to get degraded and pushed into your background.

The ladies of hip hop still haven’t gotten their thanks. We can talk about any other music genre and a number of the most important titles are more females. Maybe it is the character of hip hop and rap music. However, to possess that position would be attempting to sell hip hop culture quick.

If you think back, women are celebrated in hip hop. Too much of Hip-Hop frees its women solely for the sake to do so. Hip-Hop infrequently creates the distinction between a bitch and a female anymore. Bitch or Hoe are just two words which have did actually officially replace the words girl, girl or woman from the hip hop lexicon.

What happened to calling a female a chick or honey?

A few feminists would not like those terms but they’re spoken as a compliment to women. Most women are offended by being called being a bitch or a hoe. Clearly, now some girls adopt these derogatory terms, seeing themselves in this way and phoning one another by these names.

But I will not only reside on how guys treat women in Hip-Hop. That is clearly a record that’s been played many situations. I accept those that say that the majority of ladies within Hip-Hop is influenced by culture’s treatment of women. But Hip-Hop can function as the top influence in shifting this.

What I am very troubled by as far as females, may be how there are just not enough females from the match onto the mic. Who’s representing for those girls? I don’t mind mentioning that a few of my own favorite MCs are now females. MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Lauryn Hill. . .these others and girls are wonderful MCs inside their own right. Foxy Brown and Lil’ Kim equally may go back lyrically with anyone within the game; past and present!

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